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When I think of comfort food, my mind goes straight to ice-cream! Having a bad day? Ice cream. Getting over a break up? Ice cream. Just craving something sweet? Ice cream. Ice cream offers endless flavors, can be eaten in any season, and goes even better with other desserts (can you even picture a warm chocolate brownie without a smooth silky scoop of vanilla ice cream?! I didn’t think so! So this week I decided to eat at each of the best ice cream shops in Broward county, and boy were my taste buds happy! See my top picks below:

Wilton Creamery - Best Flavor Variety & Best Overall

            If you are looking for original flavors, ice cream that tastes great with a smooth and creamy texture, and an all around fun shop, this is your place! Every time I come here, I am never disappointed. This shop has handmade ice cream and always makes a small batch of an original flavor that will be around for a short time - this months was ube pie, Japanese purple sweet potato that was mixed with sweet cream ice cream, graham crackers, and marshmallows - can you say drool worthy! Although delicious, I chose the classic pistachio, bright green and full of flavor with actual pistachios mixed in! The only downside about this shop is the price, with it coming in at the most expensive cone of the bunch. So with that factored in I would give it 4.5/5 stars!

Larry’s Old Fashioned - Best Hidden Gem

            -If you aren’t looking for this shop, you would never know it existed. Hidden away on the outskirts of coral square mall, you will find a small corner store with local memorabilia and a small-town vibe. There are over 25 flavors of ice cream and the staff is friendly and helpful. The ice cream is not made in house, but it is their own recipe that they send it out to another location to get made. I tried about 4-5 flavors but ended up choosing the chocolate peanut butter. It was flavorful, with the perfect amount of peanut butter to chocolate ratio, but it melted quickly! So make sure to finish it fast! Even better, one scoop on a small waffle cone was under $4. 4/5 stars!

Sloan’s Ice Cream- Best Place To Be A Kid Again

            Walking into Sloan’s is like walking in to your childhood imagination, a store covered in pink everything, colorful chandeliers, and cotton candy like covered walls. not only serving ice cream, it has candy, macarons, and chocolate! Right by the beach, this is the best place for a sweet treat! The ice cream is scrumptious and addictive. The ice cream has great texture and you are able to taste each mix-ins in each of the flavors. I had two scoops, one birthday cake and one peanut butter. Parking and the waffle cones are the two drawbacks to this shop. Finding a parking spot by the beach is already difficult, and having a yummy place for dessert makes the closest spots that much more coveted. The cones, although delicious, were not very sturdy, the cones crack easily with more room for spillage, which is not good for my outfit! 3.5/5 stars! 

Jaxon’s - Best Sundae 

            Is there really a better ice cream sundae in south Florida than Jaxson’s? the answer is no (and believe me I looked) Whether you get one of their traditional sundaes, fabulous creations, spectacular goblets, or go all out for an entire kitchen sink. (YES it comes in an actual sink) You will be happy with every bite! I “shared” the monster chocolate chip cookie Sunday, and shared is in quotations because I might have kept pulling the bowl closer and closer so my friends were unable to reach. Their ice cream is second to none and has the one of the largest collections of memorabilia, including automobile licenses that fill every inch of wall space so you are kept occupied instead of counting down the seconds until you are able to put that first spoonful into your mouth! 5/5 stars!


Chill N Nitrogen - Best Build Your Own

            Get your lab coat and goggles ready, this scientific shop lets you have a fun way at creating your own ice cream. The ice cream periodic table lines the back wall and gives you all of your choices, besides ice cream, you can pick from yogurt, coconut milk, and tart yogurt. You then pick your base flavor and add mix-n’s. What I loved about this shop is that there are so many different combinations that you can keep going back and never have the same thing twice. The downside is that they only serve these delicious scoops of heaven in a cup and there is no option of getting in in a cone, which is usually one of my favorite parts about getting an ice cream.  4.5/5 stars!


Scoop Shop - Best Mom And Pop Shop

            Definitely the smallest shop out of the bunch, but definitely the one with the most character. The decor was eclectic and somewhat mismatched, but also inviting. The owner, Scott, was engaging, welcoming, and sociable has a true passion for making ice cream and it truly shows by all of the handmade flavors as well as well as the consistent regulars! I was able to taste the carrot cake, butter pecan, and dolce de leche, but I ended up with birthday cake and strawberry cheesecake chunk, and let me tell you, I ate every. last. bite. (of both scoops) This encounter ended with me handing over my debit card to Scott saying “we only take cash, but I trust you.” (not normally what you hear in south Florida) so I was able to sit and enjoy my ice cream, where after I went out to get cash. So the downside is obviously not taking cards in this millennial day and age but the double scoop came in at the cheapest cone on the list at $3.75. 4/5 stars!


Cream - Most Instagrammable

            If you are looking for a fun way to eat ice cream and looking for a great photo op, this is your place! ice cream can be scooped between cookies, waffles, do’sants, or brownies and can be topped with one of the extra toppings. I tried a few of the ice creams but decided on the cookies and cream ice cream between the recommended waffle. The waffle was delicious, warm and sweet, but the cookies and cream flavor was somewhat of a let down as it was not very rich and did not have that true Oreo flavor. If it wasn’t for the extra Oreo pieces on top, it would have been a let down. overall a fun experience, and the waffle made it MUCH better, but not my go-to choice for the best scoop. 3/5 stars! 

Yes, this was a hard job- but someone had to do it! (side note i did actually eat at 4 of these shops on the same day and I still don’t think my stomach or my waistline has forgiven me) so good thing for stretchy pants!


Bon Appetit! 

Ariella Sherman curator of never_not_eating


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