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So many Rompers so little time

So many Rompers so little time

Here at Briny Boutique we love our rompers! Our customers love rompers too, so we keep them happy by carrying a wide selection. I must admit when I decided to write a blog piece on rompers, I wasn't sure there was much to write about. So I did a little research and to my surprise, it seems that girls are quite divided when it comes to rompers.Β 
I am petite so rompers are actually my favorite outfit. After reading a few other blog posts regarding rompers, I can see why some girls may have a dilemma. It's true that if you have a long torso, the romper maybe uncomfortable for you. In this case, I would recommend a jumpsuit that fits well, then you'll be both stylish and comfortable. Fortunately, we carry a wide selection of sexy jumpsuits too!

Finally, I read a rather funny article about how girls complain when they wear rompers or jumpsuits, because you have to take the whole thing off know, nature calls. In conclusion, I say rompers and jumpsuits are too cute to let a little thing like mother nature interfere with you wearing them. So pee before you put one on, don't drink water or coffee...or anything else for that matter (lol) and wear your romper/jumpsuit and be fab 😘

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White Hot Summer Booties

White Hot Summer Booties

Omakase ; Let Your Chef Call The Shots

Omakase ; Let Your Chef Call The Shots

Friday night's power hour

Friday night's power hour



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