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If you have been keeping up with my blog posts so far, I think you can tell that I LOVE to eat! So, anywhere I am able to get multiple courses, I obviously jump on the opportunity. Probably why I have such a hard time with over indulging and portion control, but YOLO, right?

Combining my love for trying new things, sushi, and for lack of better terms… eating like a pig, Omakase was made for me. Omakase, roughly translated to “putting my trust in the chef” is not to be confused with a tasting menu.

Although a tasting menu is designed to showcase a restaurants best dishes, that is not what omakase is. Omakase differs in that the chef decides on each course by 1. What is fresh and available to them that day and 2. What he thinks you will like based on your preferences. 

Omakase dining has a great social aspect, especially if you are able to sit at the bar (side note: ALWAYS sit at the bar – it is definitely the best seat in the house). You get to interact directly with the chef and they are able to get to know your palate to make the experience that much more exceptional.

Depending on where you dine, there can be a set number of courses with a fixed price per head – other places will let you keep ordering and they give you your bill at the end.  Like the meal, the bill also becomes a surprise, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how hearty your appetite is.

Omakase is for the brave and adventurous eater – if you are picky, tend to “make a face” (as my Jewish grandmother would say) or are hesitant to try something new, you may be barking up the wrong tree, but as I like to say, you never know until you try! (Yes, very corny, I know).

With all that being said, I have been lucky enough to eat at a couple of the best omakase spots in the country, one of them being right here in Miami! Naoe, probably the most outstanding sushi I have ever had, has been named one of the best sushi dining experiences in the US. With fresh seafood flown in from Japan, it is no wonder why It has received the Forbes 5-star award 5 years in a row, with so many other accolades that it would take an entire post, or even two, just to list them all.

Seabream, geoduck (pronounced gooey duck), karasumi (salted mullet roe), and sea cucumber were a few of the offerings that were new to my palate, with every bite leaving me more excited for the next. Chef Kevin Cory, remarkable at what he does, lovingly attended to every detail for every guest.

Even though the food itself is worth the drive to Brickell key and the $200 per person price tag, what pushed the dinner to the next level was the impeccable service, fresh wasabi root being grated just prior to being served, and the intimate setting. AND being there for a birthday resulted in a personalized menu and a gifted bottle of sake. (If that doesn’t make you feel special, I don’t know what will)

If you are not sure omakase is for you or if $200 per person isn’t in the budget, because lets face it…BILLS, Myumi, a 6 course omakase sushi truck is back in action at 1-800 Lucky. A new Japanese market in Wynwood and moderately priced at $50!

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