Motivational Monday

Alexa Chaviano

Posted on June 12 2017

Motivational Monday
Ugh! It's Monday already? Not very motivational I know. But I believe honesty is the best policy. I dread going to the gym, but I literally force myself to go because I know I'm going to feel great afterwards. So I focus on the rewards. I leave feeling exhilarated and with energy to face the day. If I have a big meal or dessert, I can enjoy them guilt free because I know I'm going to work off those calories in the morning. Having a cute outfit and a pair of even cuter sneakers is also very motivating. In this picture I'm wearing the Maci High Waisted leggings and the Bethany sports bra. They are both made of soft and durable fabric. New workout gear is my favorite kind of motivation (and since it's summer, new bikinis). These outfits have an elevated designed with chic fabric and styles that can be worn in and outside the gym. That's it. That's all the motivation I can muster. If you have any ideas for Motivational Mondays please comment below. Have a great Monday! 

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