Julia Robert's is voted People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman 2017

Julia Roberts has remained America's sweetheart since we first fell in love with her in Mystic Pizza. Yes, that's right. Julia played the role of Daisy Araujo, a young waitress working in a family owned pizzeria, in Mystic Connecticut. It was a fun coming of age movie that is as timeless as Julia herself. Julia has experience vast success throughout her career but if we're truly honest with ourselves we have to admit that she stole our hearts when she starred opposite Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. The modern day Cinderella story is so engraved in movie pop culture that it's title was used as a verb in the 2015 sitcom "Younger" written by Darren Starr. In the show, when Liza, the leading actress, wants to win her best friends forgiveness, she "Pretty Woman's Her" by showing up in a limo with a dozen roses and opera music blasting out of the limo's sunroof. It would bring out a tear to hopeless romantics everywhere. 

It doesn't come as a surprise that Julia would be named Most Beautiful Woman of 2017 but what might come as a surprise is that she's held that title four times prior. The first time was in 1991, then 2000, 2005, 2010 and now in 2017. At 49, her looks have not really changed much throughout the years. But it's not her physical beauty that makes us love her so much. It's her warm, carefree, girl next door attitude that makes her so endearing. Finally, who can resist her famously contagious laugh or her smile, that has the power to light up any room. Julia's been working in Hollywood for the past 26 years. We look forward to the next 26. 

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