It's Miami Spice Time


"Le Mai Tai" Welcome Drink

               Chili Mango and Cukes                         

Short Ribs
Mini Churros 


Hi Everyone! I first wanted to introduce myself- and yes, I am as awkward as that picture above – at least when it comes to others taking a photo of just me.. anyone else like that? But besides being awkward in a solo-photo, I can say that food is pretty much my life (along with my dog and FSU football OF COURSE). If I am not thinking about what I am going to eat for my next meal, it is probably because I am currently chewing!
Now, there aren’t many things we can thank hurricane Irma for – but the extension of Miami Spice is definitely one of them! For those of you that do not know what Miami spice is – it is a 3-course lunch ($23) or dinner ($39) at participating restaurants in Miami.  
Phuc yea – part of the Miami spice list this year, was originally a restaurant pop-up, now with its own location in Miami’s MiMo district, and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint! Besides having its own private and FREE parking lot (which is rare in Miami) all the little touches made a big difference. Walking in – the atmosphere was inviting with a unique and trendy Asian twist. The friendly, but not overly friendly (if you know what I mean) server had great recommendations and was attentive to all of our needs. But what stood out the most was the flavorful food.
The food had a Vietnamese flair with a definite Miami touch. We opted in for the $39 Miami spice menu and added the $16 cocktail/wine pairing…because why wouldn’t we?!
The drinks – The welcome drink was the “Le Mai Tai” a little too sweet for my liking but brought nostalgia as it was served in a capri-sun like pouch. The next course was paired with a Rosé, followed by a Syrah.
The appetizers we chose were the edamame hummus, which had a slight kick and the bay scallop crudo, which was a little on the sweeter side. An unlikely duo, but complimented each other well.
The main courses chosen were the Short rib, which was an extra $15 but well worth it considering the generous portion and how tender it was, and the coca cola duck, which had a thick hoisin glaze. Each came with a side dish, the mouthwatering PY noodles, and the chili mango and cukes, delicious, but almost hotter than a shirtless firefighter holding a puppy! (Yes, I might be a little bit of a baby when it comes to spice).
The dessert, chef’s choice, consisted of mini churros covered in chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream-basically hard to have it go wrong!
Highlights – short rib, coca cola duck, py noodles
Could use some improvement – the “Le Mai Tai” welcome drink
Overall – Phuc yea exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to go back! Miami Spice is still going on until October 31st so go while it lasts! 

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