Dreamin' of Denim

Denim is one of those must-haves in every closet. I️t’s definitely a staple of the average wardrobe! That being said, there are so many unique ways to style and incorporate denim pieces. Here are some of my faves. I️ love unique pieces and embroidered/embellished denim is such a big trend right now! I️ am totally in love with this pearl-embellished denim skirt! The pearls add such a fun touch. I️ absolutely love that denim skirts are back in style. I️ styled mine with a black leather jacket and wedges but there are endless fun style options you can come up with! Briny has the best, most comfy jeans ever, so be sure to snag a pair for yourself! These are seriously the softest jeans I️ have ever owned! I️ mean, who doesn’t love jeans that feel like pajamas?! I️ love the frayed, uneven hem look on these too. The denim on denim look is always fun to play around with! Here, I️ paired a lighter denim top with the darker denim on bottom to give a bit of contrast. The outcome is a fun and casual everyday look! Another denim trend I️ love right now is overalls! Pants, shorts or dresses, you name it, I️ love them all! This dark wash overalls dress has seriously become my go-to outfit. They go with absolutely everything! Some of my favorites to pair them with are off-the-shoulder tops, tops with bell sleeves or cute sweaters like this one for the chilly days! Briny has so many great options for overalls! Whether you’re going bold with embellishment or keepin’ it basic with plain old blue jeans, denim is such a must-have piece for everyone. There are so many fun ways to style denim so get out there and getcreative! There are endless possibilities!

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