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Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict

Avocado Toast With Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Omelet

The question I get asked most often is “where is your favorite brunch” and although I live in sunny south Florida where boozy bottomless brunches are overflowing and top-notch options are the norm, my answer is always (and probably always will be) The Briarpatch. Briarpatch, located in what I think is the heart of Orlando, is situated on the picturesque cobblestoned road of Park Ave in Winter Park. 

Now – I know what you are all thinking – Orlando to find the best brunch? Yes, Orlando! Luckily for us in South Florida, Orlando is roughly 3 hours away, and I say roughly because if you drive anything like me, you can definitely make it there in two and a half. (Although I do not condone anyone speeding, so BE CAREFUL). And luckily for me, I may just happen to own an annual pass to Disney, so it makes the trip EXTRA worth it. Yes, please go ahead and judge a 27 year old’s love for Disney, it’s embarrassing I know (and I don’t care). So even on FSU game day, going to Briarpatch is an absolute must! (hence the festive outfit choice) 

Now – The upside to coming here is and always will be the food! I have NEVER had a bad bite here, not one! The menu makes it difficult to order because I can guarantee that everything is drool worthy. On this Saturday morning, we ordered the corned beef hash eggs benedict, avocado toast with smoked salmon, traditional eggs benedict, smoked salmon omelet, and to top it off a rosemary and goat cheese biscuit.  Even with the dining room packed, each meal was cooked to perfection and every bite better than the last. 

The corned beef hash eggs benedict had to be my favorite of the meal – now I normally order the briar patch benedict (no longer on the menu but they will still make it for you if you ask) but changing it up from my go to, did me well. The flavors from the corned beef mixed with the runny egg yolk and hollandaise went together perfectly and the crunch from hash browns was a great combination, compared to a normal English muffin.

Another highly mentionable item on the menu, is the raspberry and brie stuffed French toast, and yes, they are as heavenly as they sound. Think thick, fluffy challah bread stuffed with raspberry and melted, oozing, brie, topped with powdered sugar. It is my all-time favorite, however I tried to make some slightly better health conscious decisions, because having my eggs benny doused in hollandaise sauce is definitely healthier (sarcasm if you couldn’t tell).

The downside – Unfortunately, Briarpatch doesn’t take reservations and the only way of getting a table is by waiting in line, so try not to get too hangry! Also, since you are in a charming upscale neighborhood, the menu can be a little pricey. Lastly, if you are looking to get a little tipsy, this is not the place where they offer a bottomless option (unfortunate I know). 

Although the prices are a little on the higher side for breakfast/brunch, the portions match the prices – so you never leave feeling like you could still eat more (and that’s hard to do for me). So if you are in the area or feel like taking a weekend getaway from the daily routine of south Florida, Orlando is definitely the place to go, with this brunch being a stop to see and TASTE! 

  • Hailey Johnson says...

    I have to go just to try the raspberry and Brie French Toast! Sounds to die for!

    On November 05, 2017

  • Rebecca Qadri says...

    Omg love that outfit! Yum! Must try Briarpatch next time I’m in Orlando!

    On November 04, 2017

  • Alexa Sorci says...

    Great post from a great gal (sporting an awesome outfit I might add)!!!

    On November 04, 2017

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